Team Saskatchewan Wins Scotties Tournament of Hearts!

The New Champions (Photo: The Canadian Press)

Did you hear?  Saskatchewan won the Scotties Tournament of Hearts!  But that’s actually not the focus of my thoughts for this post…

I watched the live game that had Saskatchewan win the tournament, (TSN for video clips and updates), which meant that I also saw the moment when the above picture was taken.  The picture that was taken (as TV showed it) included a man (from the curling association, most of his face was covered by the silver part of the trophy), the team’s coach, and the team’s fifth standing right behind the trophy.  Knowing how this picture originally looked, I can’t help but think that this photo was photoshopped… Of course this photo could have easily been cropped or, even more probable, several different photos and groupings of people were taken.  However, this got me to thinking about photoshop.

I even tried doing my own kind of photoshop, trying to crop myself into a picture that a friend of mine took on her travels overseas.  Despite my efforts, I couldn’t complete a photoshopped picture that even looked remotely real (or fake).

This lead me to thinking of the information (through all different mediums) that we present to students in a classroom, but also any videos and pictures that students (and adults) see online and on TV.  It’s definitely important to do extra research and look at things with a critical eye, to make sure that we aren’t simply believing everything that we see and are told.  For example, look at the following video…

Real or not?


One Response to Photoshop

  1. keyjones says:

    Very insightful. It’s so easy to get caught up in everything that surrounds us especially in the media and we often don’t realize how faulty or altered our sources may be …

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