Homeless Person Sleeps


I got the idea to write this blog post after going to Tim Hortons with a friend in Moose Jaw.  While we were sitting there, a man walked in carrying what appeared to be everything he owned.  He had just gone shopping at Wal Mart to stock up on layers of warm clothes that would see him through the night.  That was one frigid night, it got down to about -30 degrees Celsius.  I watched this man drink his coffee, put on his layers, and go out into the freezing cold night…

I couldn’t help but wonder where this man was planning to go.  Also, he did just purchase clothes and a coffee, so where did he get this money?  I don’t know this man or where he went that night, but it was sad to watch him.

I came across this article and video, from CTV.ca, Myths about Canada’s poor endure, report finds, and found it to be thought provoking.  The video shows a teenage girl that is homeless.  This caused me to ask questions like:  Where is her family?  Why is she homeless?  How did this happen to her? 

The article discusses some of the public’s opinions on homeless people.  Overall, the report shows that the public believes homeless people are “lazy” and “have low moral values.” 

I know that I have seen people standing outside restaurants and on street meridians and holding cardboard signs asking for money.  I also know that I’m not the only one who has seen these people. 

I’m curious to know what are some opinions on why and how people become homeless, reasons for and/or against giving  money to homeless on the streets, and any attitudes or beliefs that cause these reactions???


2 Responses to Homeless

  1. I think we forget that many of the poor people in Canada are “working poor”. No one can afford all the basic necessities of life on minimum wage alone. Affordable housing is becoming less and less available. Food is becoming more and more expensive.

    We don’t really have a society that adequately takes care of children when their parents cannot. We say that “it takes a whole village to raise a child”, but we don’t operate as if that is true.

    • kaileymonson says:

      That is so true. In my EHE 258 (Community and Personal Health) class that I had yesterday, we were discussing the Circle of Courage. I see a strong connection between it taking a whole village to raise a child and the ideas embraced in the Circle of Courage. I think that the “village to raise a child” and Circle of Courage ideas would be good attitudes to adopt with how we view these situations, so as to possibly begin changes in our society. It definitely is a topic that has a lot of factors to be considered any way you look at it.

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