I had a short discussion just the other with a friend of mine about the Oscars.  Of course, this conversation was brought on by the Oscars taking place on Sunday evening (February 27, 2011).  We were both wondering what exactly makes a movie eligible to be nominated and receive an Oscar, and who decides?

One answer that I found is that the only criteria for a movie to be nominated is that it has to be shown in a movie theatre for at least one week.  That’s all fine, but I’m still curious about what happens after that to move the movie along to actually being nominated.  Is it based on box office earnings?  Ratings of critics? 

While I was attempting to do more research into my above questions, I stumbled upon a Teacher’s Guide, that offers many ideas about teaching movies and related topics.  This could be a great resource that connects to several subject areas at once- possibly Drama and Science can be incorporated into one unit. 

This Teacher’s Guide has lesson plans and activities in the following areas:   Animation, Film Editing,  Art Direction, Media Literacy,  Cinematography, Screenwriting, Costumes and Makeup, Sound and MusicDocumentaries, and Visual Effects.

This appears to be a really great resource that could inspire many different lessons and units, check it out!


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