Great Resource

I came across this resource today when I was working on my group’s Major Project for this class.  This could possibly be very useful to some of my fellow university students who are in KHS or EPE classes.  It comes from Alberta Education, from the government of Alberta.  I really liked that this website offers activity ideas for all different types of environments because physical activity is extremely important to incorporate in the classroom, but access to the gym is not always possible.  Therefore, I found this website to be a great resource for offering ideas on how to bring physical activity into the classroom and still study other subjects!  Again, you can click here to view Section 3: Physical Activities from Education Alberta.

As it is obvious that the Alberta government is offering resources and suggested activities for their teachers, and really all teachers with access to the world-wide-web, it reminded me of my internship.  During these four months, there were some teachers that I talked to that were frustrated with the new curricula being put out in Saskatchewan.  More specifically, the frustrations came from a lack of resources being offered.  I looked at the Grade 5 Social Studies (2010) curriculum and the old curriculum (which my cooperating teacher had in a binder) to make comparisons.  My findings were that the new curriculum was very similar to the old.  It did use different words and have slightly different outcomes, but for the most part, a lot of the content (and updated resources) from the old curriculum could easily be transferred over. 

Are there any opinions, comments, frustrations, or celebrations on curriculum renewals and resources available?


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