More Technology and Gadgets

     I usually catch up on the news and what is going on in the world by checking out  I find this much easier and convenient for me than actually watching the news on TV because I can get a quick overview of what is happening by reading the headlines, and then clicking on and reading articles of interest.  That is how I found this article that I am blogging about today.

Web pioneer Andreessen launches mobile social app is an article from that I found interesting.  As we just discussed social media and social networking in class today, I saw strong connections between class and this article.  This article talks about having the ability to share what you’re doing immediately, all from your mobile phone.  This app enables chat, photo sharing, and group event planning.  This app sounds very convenient and useful, but I think that a personal phone call would work just as well.  My question here is how reliant are we on technology and what could be the possible impacts of this dependence on technology for the future?  Will people lose the ability to have a face-to-face conversation and interact in real social environments?  Maybe moderation and balance is a possible answer here…

This article goes on to talk about this app allowing people to send virtual gifts to each other, like burgers, a heart, and a zombie sheep (I’m not sure of the purpose of this item…ideas?).  It is a nice idea to send little gifts to your friends throughout the day or on special occasions, but would this take away from people actually going out to eat a real burger or meal with a friend?  I’m wondering when and why it might be appropriate to send these gifts in place of experiencing the real thing? 

CTV closes the article with saying that there are about 90 000 paying subscribers to the company behind this app, so they must be doing something right…


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