Technology vs. Teachers

I read an article called The computer ate my teacher!  Technology and the new face of today’s classroom, and I found it very interesting.  There were a couple points that I found particulary interesting…

The first thing I found interesting relates strongly to this class; that students and teachers are communicating with each other through online chat boards and discussion threads, for an online Science club.  My first thought is that this is a great way to open up the lines of communication for all students- student to student conversations and student to teacher (and vice versa) conversations.  I think that it’s an alternative form of communication that will really benefit all students, especially those that are quiet and reserved in the classroom, but still have a lot to say and might feel more comfortable speaking up in an online environment.  One possible issue here is, is this really helping the quiet student who may have a fear of speaking up in class or possibly lack confidence?  Is this the right thing to do or is it offering an easy way out?  As a future educator, I initially think that creating the opportunity for that student (as well as every other student) to communicate and share their thoughts is the most important thing.  However, those other questions still linger in the back of my mind…

The question, “will technology eventually replace teachers?”, really grabbed my attention.  First of all, school still needs to exist in some form.  Second of all, if schools turn into technology-based, then who would be running the educational programs that students would still have to use to learn?  My guess is that it would be teachers.  Would this mean that teachers would have to start having online classroom environments?  What other implications would this have?  And, what about those students who need to have interaction with real people and not just a computer screen?  Surely there would be benefits and drawbacks from any position. 

This article goes on to discuss some of these points, as well as many other valid ideas…


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