As a fourth year student, I took this class because I needed an  elective that I figured would be fairly easy, interesting, and fit my  schedule.  However, what I ended up getting was so much more…

To be honest, I was a bit scared of blogging when this class started. I didn’t want to have to put my thoughts and work on the internet for everyone to see.  But now, I feel a lot more comfortable with the whole idea of blogging.  While sometimes I struggled to think of a topic to write about, I still generally enjoyed blogging.  I hope to continue blogging in the future…maybe not very often, but hopefully still once in awhile.

This class, ECMP 355, has inspired me and taught me how to bring technology into the classroom.  Additionally, it also taught me to get excited about creating new things- like videos, audio works, and other types of presentations!  This class has sparked an interest in me to attempt bringing technology into my classroom in the future as much as possible.  It has also shown me how to bring technology into the classroom.  I feel confident that I can set up a class blog for my students.  I now feel as though I can provide them with the tools,  resources, and knowledge about how to use technology in fun and creative ways! 

Thanks Alec for teaching me so many new and interesting things- I will actually be able to bring what I learned from you into my classroom!


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