The Dangers of Bullying


The following is a video titled, The Dangers of Bullying, which is a video that discusses the story of a teen suicide due to being bullied in school. 

This video places some responsibility for bullying onto the schools.  Barbara Coloroso mentions in this video that the policies are in place, but the procedures need to follow through.  My question here is, what should schools do to prevent bullying?  One possible solution that I can see here is to be proactive and not reactive.  By this I mean that we should educate our students about bullying- how they can prevent it.  As I learned in my Health class this semester (EHE 258- Personal and Community Health), bullying happens the most when teachers aren’t looking.  Also to go along with this fact, I learned in that class that an incident of bullying happens much faster when it is another student who stands up against it, compared to a teacher intervening, with less of a chance of the incident being repeated.  Therefore, I think that it is necessary that we educate the students about what to do and how to stand up for each other.  We need to teach them how to take responsibility for their own actions, but also for their taking care of one another. 

I like that Barbara Coloroso says that we have to model appropriate behaviours for our children or students.  We need to show them how to treat others with respect and take responsibility for their own actions. 

Are there any suggestions or opinions on how to deal with bullying in schools?


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