Major Project

Wiki Logo Idea by camerawiki


This is my group’s Major Project.  We decided to create a Wiki Space that was a resource guide for a thematic unit on Active Living.  We incorporated Health, Physical Education, and Science into this unit.  We searched for resources and have attached them to their appropriate pages.

A second part to this assignment was bringing in an actual grade 7 class to complete our Active Living challenge!  This part was a lot of fun!  The three of us, Brittni, Robyn, and myself drove out to the grade 7 class one morning to introduce the website and the challenge.  We connected with this grade 7 class because Robyn interned with them.  We asked the students to complete each of the daily challenges, and then to blog about them in the Discussion Forum.  We were interested in their feedback- What did they like?  What did they dislike?  How did these challenges impact their daily lives?  We also interacted with the grade 7’s continually through replying to their Discussion Forum posts. 

The grade 7’s knew that part of this website was designed for them, and that another part of the website was designed for a different purpose.  We had to make this clear so that we could give each of them a username and password without worrying about them accessing other pages.  We enabled the grade 7’s to access the Discussion Forum by creating a general username and password- they all shared the same name and password.  Brittni, Robyn, and I all logged in at the same time as a trial run, to make sure that the students would also be able to have more than one person logged in at one time. 

The three of us worked hard to make this website as attractive and user friendly as possible. 

The actual website for our Major Project is, and I hope that you enjoy browsing through our work!!


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